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Some frequently asked questions that you may want the answers to...............

What can counselling offer me?Question Mark Symbol

A place where you can come and talk about what is going on with you. It is an opportunity to talk through your thoughts and feelings, somewhere you can explore your choices. It will give you a non-judgemental person that you can bounce ideas off and a space to clear your head.

What can I expect?
That what you talk about will be respected and treated with confidence. That you won't be judged, you can be yourself and that you will be listened to.

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What if someone wants to know what I have been talking about?
The service is confidential. This means that no information shared in a counselling session will be passed on to anyone outside of the agency, without your permission. The only exception to this would be around child protection. Number 22 and Youth Talk have child protection policies, which are written in accordance with Windsor and Maidenhead guidelines.

What does counselling really do?
We all have problems at different times. Sometimes life can feel a bit like a confusing jigsaw and we don't know how to begin to get the pieces to fit. Counselling can help us to sort through the pieces and begin to build up the picture; we can then begin to make sense of our lives. A counsellor is someone to talk to, who will listen to you carefully, not judge you or tell you what to do. Counselling is about helping you to work things out for yourself, making decisions and choices. It can help you feel better about yourself.

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