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Want to know more about the ways in which you can get your voice heard on matters that are important to you? There are many ways to have your voice heard such as:

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  • Youth Voice Youth Choice

    An exciting opportunity for 11-19* (*up to 25 year olds for young people with learning disabilities) in the Royal Borough to gain funding for youth projects and activities whilst learning about budgeting and project/activity planning.

  • Youth Ambassadors

  • RBWM Takeover Day

    Takeover Day is a national event that gives children and young people the chance to be involved in decision-making and work with adults for the day. Children benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard, while adults and organisations gain a fresh perspective on what they do. You can find out more about it here: http://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/takeover_day.

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